she has left us.

i wonder if i read this in two years, if i will figure out whom 'she' was. worst part is that i will know exactly what i've meant.

it just seems so natural.

and even that(!) i know what i would mean. i don't think i have the best long term memory, actually i really don't. i end up remembering what i want to remember. in some ways, these entries act as needles to uncloud my idiocy.


maybe, these entries are the source of my idiocy. what is it to be an idiot? god knows i'm partially thinking about yurodivy as if i deserve to call myself al,sd.,,..s.,ammmkjkjl


nice to meet you. 
how have you been?
no. we've just met.
no. we haven't met.
no. we are meeting.
no. we've already met.
no. we just met.
no. we met.
no. we meet.